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Sticker API


Not available in LabyMod 4! Only available for LabyMod 3 users with version greater than 3.6.6


LabyMod users can play clientside an sticker for all other players on the minecraft server. Minecraft servers can also force-play stickers for specific player's using the plugin messages.


This works only for NPC's and not for real players.



The behavior is the same as in the emote api. So just lookup the explanation on this page how to spawn a NPC properly to make it work with our api!

public void forceSticker( Player receiver, UUID npcUUID, short stickerId ) {
    // List of all forced stickers
    JsonArray array = new JsonArray();

    // Sticker and target NPC
    JsonObject forcedSticker = new JsonObject();
    forcedSticker.addProperty( "uuid", npcUUID.toString() );
    forcedSticker.addProperty( "sticker_id", stickerId );

    // Send to LabyMod using the API
    LabyModProtocol.sendLabyModMessage( receiver, "sticker_api", array );

Sticker ids

The list of all available stickers: stickers.json
You can't create your own sticker packs. If you are a partner server and still want to add custom stickers then contact us.