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Addon Recommendation


Available for LabyMod users with version greater than 3.6.5 (LabyMod 4 included)


With this packet the server can recommend published addons to the user and the user can install them very simple in a GUI. Multiple add-ons can be suggested at the same time or can also be flagged as being required. You have to react to the response of the client if an addon is required.


example switch packet

example switch packet


The checkbox "Do not ask again" is on the client side, you do not have to worry about it on the server side!


In LabyMod 4 the uuid key has been replaced with the namespace field due to technical changes - both in the server-side request and the client response.

Example code

public void recommendAddons() {
    JsonObject object = new JsonObject();
    JsonArray addons = new JsonArray();

    JsonObject addon = new JsonObject();
    addon.addProperty( "uuid", "3bd2a3c0-0309-47d4-a6f9-320b0e93bce1" ); // Published uuid of the addon
    addon.addProperty( "required", true ); // Required for this server?
    addons.add( addon );

    object.add( "addons", addons );

    // Send to LabyMod using the API
    LabyModProtocol.sendLabyModMessage( player, "addon_recommendation", object );


It only works with published addons! Here is the list of all available addons and their UUID: addons.json

Client response

Message key: addon_recommendation

You will receive this packet before the GUI is opened and after the GUI is closed.

gui_closed Is the user prompt still open or is it closed?
all_installed Are all recommended addons installed?
missing List of addons which are not installed by the user of the recommended list

    "gui_closed": false,
    "all_installed": false,
    "missing": [{
        "uuid": "3bd2a3c0-0309-47d4-a6f9-320b0e93bce1",
        "name": "TheHive BlockParty Jukebox"