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Change the name of the bone to create multiple geometries for each texture or for each player model.
Values separated using an underscore (_):

  • The name has to start with layer
  • The UUID of the texture without minus characters or just "slim" to filter Alex/Steve skins (Example: e0d60ceff008453b80eca59572bc92ba, slim)
  • Optional: negate to negate the logic
  • Optional: The name of the bone

Examples with texture id

  • layer_e0d60ceff008453b80eca59572bc92ba
  • layer_95751d9802484508ad2afeda40e3bf56
  • layer_95751d9802484508ad2afeda40e3bf56_name
  • layer_95751d9802484508ad2afeda40e3bf56_negate
  • layer_95751d9802484508ad2afeda40e3bf56_negate_name


Examples with Alex/Steve

  • layer_slim Show this layer if skin model is Alex
  • layer_slim_negate Show this layer if skin model is Steve
  • layer_slim_name
  • layer_slim_negate_name

Examples with right/left hand or pet

  • layer_right Show this layer when attached to right hand or pet on right shoulder
  • layer_right_negate Show this layer when attached to left hand or pet on left shoulder
  • layer_right_name123
  • layer_right_negate_nameABCwhatever