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The LabyMod client can display a subtitle tag (similar through using the scoreboard) under a players name.

example subtitle on timolia


Example code

public void setSubtitle( Player receiver, UUID subtitlePlayer, String value ) {
    // List of all subtitles
    JsonArray array = new JsonArray();

    // Add subtitle
    JsonObject subtitle = new JsonObject();
    subtitle.addProperty( "uuid", subtitlePlayer.toString() );

    // Optional: Size of the subtitle
    subtitle.addProperty( "size", 0.8d ); // Range is 0.8 - 1.6 (1.6 is Minecraft default)

    // no value = remove the subtitle
    if(value != null)
        subtitle.addProperty( "value", value );

    // If you want to use the new text format in 1.16+
    // subtitle.add("raw_json_text", textObject );

    // You can set multiple subtitles in one packet

    // Send to LabyMod using the API
    LabyModProtocol.sendLabyModMessage( receiver, "account_subtitle", array );


You can use Minecraft color codes in the string (Example: &c)