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Movement Physics


Change the name of the bone to apply physics to it.
Values separated using an underscore (_):

  • The name has to start with physics
  • The percentage of the physics strength (0 to 100)
  • The player movement mapped on the x, y and z axis.
    • f for forward motion
    • g for gravity motion
    • s for strafe motion
    • n for no motion
  • The sign of the forward, strafe and gravity motion.
    • p for positive
    • n for negative
  • The name of the bone. (example)

Movement mapping explained

The parameters fgs means that:

  • the first one f (forward motion) is mapped to the x rotation fo the group
  • the second one g (gravity motion) is mapped to the y rotation fo the group
  • the third one s (strafe motion) is mapped to the z rotation fo the group

Forward motion is positive if the player walks forward and negative backwards.
Strafe motion is positive if the player walks to the right and negative to the left
Gravity motion increases when the player is falling down.


  • physics_100_fgs_ppp_test
  • physics_50_fnn_npp_abc
  • physics_50_nns_ppn_abc1
  • physics_50_ngn_ppp_abc2
  • physics_50_ssf_ppp_abc3

npp means that the forward motion is always inverted and the strafe motion is always positive.

physics physics


A bone with physics can't have animations. Use a parent bone to animate the entire group.


The old format physics_50_xz_pp_test is deprecated and should not be used