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The message's key should be "PERMISSIONS". The data sent must be a JsonObject which basically is a key-value map. The value determines whether the feature is allowed.
This is the default JsonObject that would be sent if no values have been changed:


Example json

  "IMPROVED_LAVA": false,
  "CROSSHAIR_SYNC": false,
  "REFILL_FIX": false,
  "GUI_ALL": true,
  "GUI_ARMOR_HUD": true,
  "GUI_ITEM_HUD": true,
  "BLOCKBUILD": true,
  "TAGS": true,
  "CHAT": true,
  "ANIMATIONS": true,
  "RANGE": false,
  "SLOWDOWN": false

Permission enum

We recommend you to use this enum as a list of all available features:

public enum Permission {

    // Permissions that are disabled by default
    IMPROVED_LAVA( "Improved Lava", false ),
    CROSSHAIR_SYNC( "Crosshair sync", false ),
    REFILL_FIX( "Refill fix", false ),
    RANGE( "Range", false ), // CLASSIC PVP - 1.16 only
    SLOWDOWN( "Slowdown", false ), // CLASSIC PVP - 1.16 only

    // GUI permissions
    GUI_ALL( "LabyMod GUI", true ),
    GUI_POTION_EFFECTS( "Potion Effects", true ),
    GUI_ARMOR_HUD( "Armor HUD", true ),
    GUI_ITEM_HUD( "Item HUD", true ),

    // Permissions that are enabled by default
    BLOCKBUILD( "Blockbuild", true ),
    TAGS( "Tags", true ),
    CHAT( "Chat features", true ),
    ANIMATIONS( "Animations", true ),
    SATURATION_BAR( "Saturation bar", true );

    private String displayName;
    private boolean defaultEnabled;

     * @param displayName    the permission's display-name
     * @param defaultEnabled whether or not this permission is enabled/activated by default
    Permission( String displayName, boolean defaultEnabled ) {
        this.displayName = displayName;
        this.defaultEnabled = defaultEnabled;

    public String getDisplayName() {
        return displayName;

    public boolean isDefaultEnabled() {
        return defaultEnabled;