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Publish your addon


This page is for the LabyMod 3 Addon API, which is no longer maintained nor supported. Visit for the LabyMod 4 Addon API Wiki.

After thoroughly testing your addon, you can publish it to make it available to all LabyMod users. It will then be listed directly ingame and can be installed by anyone with just one click.

Addon Store Rules

Before you can submit an Addon to publish it in our Addon Store you have to keep the following rules:

  1. Regular Addons
    1.1. Addons MUST NOT impact the game experience in a negative manner. This includes performance.
    1.2. Addons MUST NOT exhibit malware-like behavior.
    1.3. Addons MUST respect players' privacy.
    1.3.1. Addons MUST NOT transfer the session identifier of a player anywhere.
    1.4 Addons MUST NOT communicate with external servers which are unknown to us.
    1.5 Addons MUST NOT be for commercial purposes only.

  2. Server addons
    2.1. Server addons inherit the rules of regular addons.
    2.2. Server addons' server MUST have at least an average of 30 players a day.

LabyMod developer account

First of all, register or login on our website and go to Upgrade your account to a developer account.

Upload your addon to GitHub

In order to publish your addon, you have to provide us your source code. Please upload your addon source code to GitHub and create a workflow for GitHub Actions.
Checkout our example workflow.


After registering as a developer, you get an overview of all your addons on Click "New Addon" and fill in all the information we need. You can save your submission as a draft to work on it later. When you're done, click "Publish".

Your addon will now be reviewed by us and will appear as "pending" in the list. After a successful check, the status changes to "live".

Congratulations, your addon is now available to all LabyMod users.