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BlockBench Plugin


We have developed a custom plugin for BlockBench to make uploading your draft cosmetics easier.
You can click the upload button directly in BlockBench and you will see your changes in the game immediately.


  • Open BlockBench (Web version:
  • Go to File -> Plugins
  • Click on Load Plugin from URL
  • Enter the following URL:


How to use it

  • Create a cosmetic on our Cosmetic Creator dashboard:
  • Create a model using the LabyMod Cosmetic format
  • Click on LabyMod -> Upload cosmetic
  • Enter the token from our website (You can find it at the end of the page)
  • Choose the cosmetic you want to update
  • Done! You have to refresh LabyMod in-game.

remember_id remember_id

Bind cosmetic id to BlockBench model

  • Open your draft in the Cosmetic Creator dashboard
  • Copy the cosmetic id in the URL
    (Example: -> 1337)
  • Go to BlockBench and click on File -> Project...
  • Paste your cosmetic id in the Cosmetic ID field