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Chunk caching


Not available in LabyMod 4 and unstable in LabyMod 3!


This plugin optimizes the way the chunks are sent to the clients, with huge data saving benefits. The client implements a chunk cache so that it does not need to download a chunk if it has not been changed since it was seen the last time. The server sends a list of hashes instead of whole chunks, and then awaits a response from the client whether he needs to transmit the actual chunks. Apart from saving bandwidth, it can also improve the performance of your server and Bungeecord instances, as the sending of chunks is demanding in itself (memory allocation, compression, decompression)

This feature is very effective if:

  • the player has a bad connection to the server, in terms of download speed, as chunks are huge in size
  • you are running a minigames server, where player constantly are connecting back to the same lobby world

This feature may be a problem for users that:

  • have a high latency connection. This is because if a player does not have a chunk in his cache, it will take another round-trip-time until the chunk is loaded
  • have a low amount of RAM available, as parts of the chunk cache is stored in memory. The size of the cache can be changed in the settings of LabyMod

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