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Disable certain addons


Not yet available in LabyMod 4!


It is also possible to communicate with our addons. Not every addon has implemented an api for that but the most important addons are documented on this page.



If you want to disable the damage indicator addon then just stop sending heart packets to the clients. This will make every damage indicator mod useless! Example plugin: Anti Damage Indicator

Disable addon using UUID (1.16.5 only)

It is also possible to disable addons by using the message key addon_permissions:

    "686fdf14-225d-4475-b062-9f68be19f4d1": {
        "allowed": false
    "211222f3-2650-4463-b986-e1d29c46117f": {
        "allowed": false
    "8d4ed1eb-4b1c-46bc-aac9-8abc8c6a1308": {
        "allowed": false
    "5d77d5b6-bebc-45bf-82f2-336bba64b9b1": {
        "allowed": false,
        "fairplay": false
All addon UUIDs can be found here: