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This page is for the LabyMod 3 Addon API, which is no longer maintained nor supported. Visit for the LabyMod 4 Addon API Wiki.

Set up the addon information

To set some information in your addon settings you have to add the following lines in your addon.json:

  "uuid": "%uuid%",
  "name": "Name of your addon",
  "mainClass": "",
  "description": "This is my first addon!",
  "version": 1,
  "author": "YOUR_NAME",
  "category": 1,
  "icon": ""


Category ids:
1 - GUI
2 - Tools
3 - Server Support
4 - Graphics


These information are not necessary in the step Publish your addon.

Build your addon with forge

Before you execute ./gradlew build to build the addon, make sure you added these lines of code in your build.gradle:

reobf {
    jar {
Your final jar will be placed in ./build/libs/modid-1.0.jar