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Current Time


Change the name of the bone to apply the current time to the rotation of the bone.
Values separated using an underscore (_):

  • The name has to start with currenttime
  • Which axis should be rotated. (x, y or z)
  • The sign of the x, y and z axis. p for positive, n for negative. (p, n)
  • The duration of a cycle in seconds. (60, 3600, 43200)
  • The offset of the cycle in seconds if you need to shift the time. (0, 30, 60)
  • The update interval in milliseconds to get rid of interpolation. (1, 1000)
  • The name of the bone. (example)


  • currenttime_x_p_60_0_1000_second
  • currenttime_x_p_3600_0_1_minute
  • currenttime_x_p_43200_0_1_hour


A bone with the current time can't have animations. Use a parent bone to animate the entire group.